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Liability Waiver

Voyam Fine Art is the Home Studio of Sculptor Artist Carmen Rojas. We are a studio of arts in the medium of sculpture. Our purpose is to enrich our community with arts experiences that inspire, empower, educate and entertain. Our premise is to diversify education in various techniques inspiring enthusiasm in our community and providing easy access to skills associated with the industrial art emphasizing metal welding. We teach workshops to the community that wish to develop in metal inert gas (MIG) welding, tungsten inert gas (TIG) welding, stick welding. We work from the basics to the advanced. Education and instruction is based on an established program we offer for adults. In the program we offer schedules available for workshops under the instruction of an instructor and for individual rental for technical practices and to encourage members of the community to get involved.


In exchange for my use of Voyam Fine Art’s facilities and equipment (collectively, the “Facilities”), I, the undersigned, agree as follows:


1. I hereby release and hold harmless Voyam Fine Art, its agents, employees, officers and directors from any and all liability arising from my voluntary participation in any activity occurring at Voyam Fine Art, acknowledge that participating in activities at VFA and with the facilities presents risks of serious damage to personal property, injury or even death. I agree that I am solely responsible for all such risks and any resulting harm that result therefrom.

2. I hereby release and waive any and all claims against Voyam Fine Art, its agents, employees, officers and directors for losses or damages relating to property damage and personal injury arising from my use of the Facilities.

3. To the maximum extent permitted by applicable insurance policies, I hereby waive any and all rights of subrogation. 


4. I will be responsible for any damage to Voyam Fine Art facilities that I cause during my use of the facilities. Upon being provided with reasonable documentation, I agree to immediately pay Voyam Fine Art the full cost of any repair or replacement necessary due to such damage. 


5. In connection with my agreement to release and hold harmless Voyam Fine Art, its agents, employees, officers and directors from all liability arising from my voluntary participation in activities at VFA, I assume responsibility for ensuring the security of my personal belongings, equipment, tools, materials and works of art. 


6. I acknowledge that I have been provided with copies of Voyam Fine Art’s safety procedures and rules. These procedures and rules are posted in their entirety at and can also be obtained from Voyam Fine Art. I have read and understood these materials.


7. In consideration for my use of the facilities, I hereby grant permission to Voyam Fine Art to use my photographs on the Internet, in publications and other printed, electronic or digital materials without further consideration or compensation. I also acknowledge that Voyam Fine Art may choose not to use my photo now, but may do so at its own discretion at a later date.

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