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Safety Procedures and Rules

If you are ever in doubt about an activity you are doing, stop immediately and ask your instructor or Studio Tech for help. 

Safety comes first, always!

1. Participants and renters must wear safety glasses when in the studio. 

2. All participants and renters must sign the Voyam Fine Art waiver (available online or at the studio) before being able to participate in any workshop, participate in the rental program, and use the studio space. 

3. Participants must wear clothing appropriate for the class activity or rental station. VFA recommends the use of cotton long sleeve shirts and jeans, no short pants allowed. It is also recommended to use a 100% cotton bandana or cap to protect your hair from sparks. For people with long hair styles, you can wear it up to the workshop to avoid tangles with the power tools. Participants must wear closed-toed shoes, ideally leather shoes or boots. Do not wear open-toed shoes or sandals. Many activities require the use of gloves. Bring them if the instructor or Studio Tech has indicated that they are necessary. A leather apron may sometimes be required.

4. Participants cannot be under the influence of alcohol or drugs upon arrival at the studio and will not consume alcohol or drugs during class or rental time. 

5. If welding in the studio, do not look into the welding arc and if participating in welding, always wear appropriate eye protection. 

6. Participants and renters must not interfere with, touch, or take tools from other stations in use by other participants, renters or artists at Voyam Fine Art. 

7. We request that participants and renters keep their work and supplies in the designated workstations and storage location, and clean up after themselves in all areas they have worked on within the studio. 

8. Any questions during class should be directed to the instructor of the class you are taking. Any questions during a rental are directed to the Studio Tech on duty that day. 

9. Participants and renters should only use tools that are approved by the instructor or Studio Tech and that they have been trained to use correctly by that instructor. This applies even if the participant has previous experience with the tool in use. 

10. Please respect our artists by not touching or handling any work in their space. If you believe your activity may put the artists' work at risk, please notify the instructor or Studio Tech. 

11. Show up on time for classes or rental appointments. If you arrive early, please wait for the instructor before entering the studio. You are welcome to wait in the main office. 


12. For safety reasons, we cannot allow spectators to participate in or observe classes or rentals. Only paid registrants may participate in or observe the class for which they are registered, unless specifically directed by the instructor. 


Voyam Fine Art is a working studio and there may be artists using the space at the same time as you. Please be considerate of your space.

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